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Misty valleys, rainbows and the strong wind that takes unexpected twists and turns everything on its way into new surprising forms. 

Anna Wallenius is a designer and ceramic artist. Her ceramic studio is located in Hvalfjörđur, Iceland, in a fjord of snowy mountain peaks and marshmallow clouds. She finds inspiration in the quiet exploration of the surroundings and noticing

nature´s movement through seasons.  

Before moving to Iceland Anna worked several years as interior architect and service designer in Helsinki, Finland. Her fascination in slower lifestyle took her to Reykjavik, where she studied ceramics and learned how to run a ceramic studio. This philosophy of respecting time in our hands also determines her way of making ceramics. Instead of hurrying to make many new items, she takes her time to play with clay and reshapes them multiple times before picking only the best few ones to be burned in a kiln. She recycles all leftover clay and keeps her selection of works deliberately small, so that her studio makes as little waste as possible.    

Anna combines several techniques in her work, for example plaster mold making, slip casting and hand-building. In the core of her work is playfulness with colours and shapes. All of her works are unique and they capture different moments in her surroundings.

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